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At the Athletes' and Para-athletes' Village, the final stretch for the Belvederes [SECTOR E]

Less than three years after the start of construction in April 2021, the consortium Nexity - Eiffage Immobilier - CDC Habitat with the Groupama Group as an investor, and in partnership with the EDF Group and Eiffage Construction, is preparing for the handover for Paris 2024 on March 1, 2024.

At the Athletes' and Para-athletes' Village, the final stretch for the Belvederes [SECTOR E]


That was indeed the first challenge: meeting "crazy deadlines." While transforming a neighborhood of this magnitude typically takes around fifteen years, the consortium has demonstrated its ability to do so in just five years.

One of the keys to the speed of execution was an iterative and collaborative approach from the early stages of the project. Continuous dialogue between public authorities, state services, Paris 2024, all project owners, designers, and companies allowed progress without wasting time.

Won in November 2019 after a competitive phase, the different project phases unfolded at a rapid pace:

- Five dual-state building permits - one for the temporary phase of the Games and the other for the Legacy phase - were submitted in the summer of 2020 and obtained in December 2020.
- Design studies for all lots were completed between March 2020 (submission of the APS) and March 2021 (finalization of the DCE).
- Construction work started between April and November 2021, and the first wooden elements were installed on the site as early as January 2022.
- The structural work was completed on March 31, 2023; the finishing work had already started on some blocks as early as the summer of 2022.
- After completion at the end of December 2023, the handover for Paris 2024 on March 1, 2024, is being organized block by block after an additional race against time for snagging, which will conclude next February.

In this extraordinary eco-designed construction site, where technical feats and tight deadlines were daily occurrences, and where the ambition for reversibility and universal accessibility exceeded all known standards, 19 buildings spread across 5 lots and approximately 58,274 m² (GFA) have emerged in the heart of France's largest single-site construction project.


- Nearly 22 months of design
- 32 months of work, including snagging
- 5 dual-state building permits
- 600 workers have worked on this site
- 19 buildings
- 58,274 m² of GFA
- 2,490 athletes expected in the summer of 2024

A differentiated climate ambition: <700 kg of carbon per m², the highest across the entire Village

- 44,360 m³ of low-carbon concrete
- 21,000 m² of timber frame walls and 800 timber/aluminum FOBA blocks (timber/aluminum frame façade)
- 3,000 m³ of glued laminated timber, 500 m³ of beech LVL
- 15 solar roofs
- 2 innovations, supported by SOLIDEO, related to air quality and electric power management.

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