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Our integrated network of purchasers

Purchasers are the external face of their company and Group: their personal ethics, integrity, professionalism and determination are testament to its effective operation. Their conduct directly affects Eiffage’s reputation.


One charter – shared values

The Eiffage Values Charter sets out fundamental principles: responsibility, trust, transparency, leading by example, clear-mindedness, courage and tenacity.

These values guide all Purchasing employees in their relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

Eiffage has organised its purchasing function in an efficient, structured way in order to pursue a consistently effective and ethical purchasing strategy. That is why every Eiffage employee involved in purchasing must be familiar with and agree to follow the Purchasing Commitments Charter.

The purchaser’s role at Eiffage goes beyond conventional sourcing, negotiation and understanding business performance. It means holding a key business role in the strategic management of external resources, and the operational management of transformation and modernisation. And now more than ever, it means implementing and driving forward environmental transition in the Group and its sector.

Jean-Luc Baras Purchasing Director of Eiffage

The Purchasing department’s vision

The Purchasing department is a partner to Eiffage business lines and the Group, with its expertise, support and promotion adding value and providing solutions.

Its organisation is global, attractive and agile, to exploit opportunities for effective development and innovation.

It is responsible for the key areas of professionalisation, supplier relations management, processes and tools.

Its management by objectives is applied and shared, integrating every regional team to ensure continuously improving performance.

Its capacity for empathy with its internal users and its desire to work collaboratively are the keys to its success and utility.

Structured according to Eiffage values, to function effectively it requires avowed solidarity and unfailing loyalty.

What I like about my role is the opportunity to manage relationships with suppliers in a constantly changing environment, taking account of an ever-increasing number of parameters other than price, with the aim of aligning purchasing strategies with the Eiffage vision.

Bastien Crolle National Envelope and Frame Trading Manager

Today, I can thrive in my role, with full autonomy. The Purchasing department trusts its network of purchasers with category and project purchases.

Cécile Richard Purchasing Manager - Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Clemessy Process Industriel & Ingénierie

With the profound transformation in the purchasing function and the related strategic issues of development, digitalisation and decarbonisation, I’m immersed in a fascinating work environment. Every day, it allows me to be entrepreneurial, grow personally and create value for the Group.

Julien Blazy Purchasing Methods and Performance Director

Would you like to join the purchasing function at Eiffage?

Eiffage attaches the highest importance to the professional and ethical qualities of the people who interact with its suppliers. Joining Purchasing at Eiffage means joining a tight-knit, compact and collaborative team.

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  • Environmental transition strategy

    Making the difference through sustainable development in every area has always been one of the Group’s primary concerns.

  • Ethics and social responsibility

    Eiffage has established a deontological and ethical approach that applies to all its stakeholders, both internal and external. In particular, this approach promotes respect for people, suppliers, business ethics and sustainable development.

  • Our responsible purchasing policy

    Purchasing represents more than 50% of revenue at Eiffage. Our suppliers and subcontractors form part of the Group’s current and future value. Working collaboratively with them boosts Eiffage’s capacity for innovation, helps drive sustainable development, and enhances performance in our operations and projects. Eiffage is keenly focused on preserving and adding to this “supplier capital”.