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Eiffage Foundation's governance & board of directors

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors decides on the broad guidelines of the Eiffage Foundation and validates all of the activities of each financial year. It convenes twice a year. It is composed of three colleges: 
- Founder’s college:
  • Christian Cassayre, Chief Financial Officer, Eiffage
  • Jean-Pierre Mahé, Head of Development, social housing, Eiffage Construction
  • Olivier Miens, Head of Large Tertiary Projects, Concessions and PPP, Eiffage Energie Systèmes
  • Philippe Seitz, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Infrastructures division
  • Jean-Matthieu de Laferrière, Director of the Railway Division
  • chaired by Benoît de Ruffray, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - Eiffage

- Founder’s staff representative college:

  • Thierry Decorsier, Head of institutional relations, APRR
  • Carole Moreau, Legal Manager, Eiffage

- College of qualified persons:

  • Marc Brabant, Director of social housing companies
  • Jean-Marie Metzler, Director, Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement
  • Sophie L’Hostis, Development and communication manager, Emmaüs Défi 
  • Alain Liebermann, retired from Al Conseils Firm since 2023
  • Alain Riguidel, Regional Director of Eiffage Immobilier Grand Ouest, retired since 2021

Project selection and monitoring committee

The projects submitted to the Foundation are presented to a selection committee that meets three times a year, in March, June and November, to decide on the allocation of subsidies. Steered by Diane Durand and Frédérique Alary, the committee is composed of 15 people: the members of the Board of Directors and a number of representatives from the Group’s human resources department:
Franck Gauthier, Human ressources director of Eiffage Construction
Thomas Parmentier, Human ressources director L16 / A79 of Eiffage Génie Civil
Sophie Deroubaix, Human ressources director of Eiffage Concessions
​​​Delphine Saint-Paul, HR Director for the Occitanie Region, Eiffage Energy Systems, Regional Directorate Occitanie
Pascal Billard, Human ressources director of APRR

Absence of conflicts of interest

The members of the Board of Directors, of the project selection and monitoring committee, and the project sponsors sign a declaration of absence of conflicts of interest between the projects supported and the business activities of the Eiffage Group.