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Individual shareholders

The European leader in construction and concessions, Eiffage is listed on the Premier Marché of Euronext Paris and is included in many indices (SBF 120 and MSCI Europe, amongst others). By its very nature, the Eiffage Group benefits from a high degree of stability, meaning the stock offers excellent visibility for investments. This stability lies in the strategic balance that the Group preserves and organises around its skills, resolutely tuned to its clients and looking to the future.

A financial balance between long- and short-cycle activities
The Eiffage group is based on a structural balance between the Construction and Concessions businesses. Construction businesses – construction, property development, urban development, roads, civil engineering, metal, energy – and Concessions businesses, including motorway concessions, are at the heart of the Group’s success. A model that is highly relevant in the context of the development of major new infrastructures, in France and in the world.

A global player working closely with its clients
A strong foothold in the French regions and in the countries where the Group operates also provides a fundamental structural balance. First, Eiffage has a dense network spanning the French territory, enabling it to build close relationships with its clients. Second, the international development strategy is based on two complementary pillars. The priority is to develop the Group’s effective foothold in Europe which is experiencing a revenue growth of 34%, outside France, in the Construction businesses. In parallel, Eiffage has a long history of supporting its international clients and is developing its export business, building on its areas of excellence.

A development strategy supported by innovation
The Eiffage Group’s development strategy is based on a balance between organic growth - based mainly on innovation - and external growth. Attached to traditional know-how, the Group as a whole is also heavily involved in supporting major digital and environmental changes and in developing, beyond construction per se, its innovative service and operational capabilities, especially for motorways. Through frequent acquisitions, thanks to an excellent level of cash generation, the group enriches the client offering by constantly integrating an invaluable heritage of new skills and expertise.

Highly committed employees

Employee ownership is a privileged tool of the management momentum, both in France and abroad. After Belgium, Luxembourg, Senegal, and Spain, Germany the international development policy is continuing with subscriptions opening to Swiss employees. More than ever, employee ownership is one of the guarantors of Eiffage’s independence. And because employee ownership is a success when as many employees as possible subscribe, Eiffage’s goal is for all its employees to also be shareholders in the Group.

Employee ownership at Eiffage
Each year, a volume of new shares is proposed to the Group’s employees and to them alone, on preferred terms: 20% discount on the share price, dividends automatically reinvested in the employee mutual fund (FCPE), advantageous conditions for the Group Savings Plan (PEG), payment facilities. 

Record participation in 2023 employee share ownership plan
Eiffage’s 2023 share ownership plan met with unprecedented success: no fewer than 54 704 Group employees subscribed, i.e. a participation rate of 75% in France (59% outside France). In total, €212 millions were contributed to the company’s capital, representing an average contribution of €3,882 per employee (France and abroad). 

A little history of shareholders
Thirty years ago, Jean-François Roverato, at the time Chairman of Fougerolle, launched an employee buy-out with the help of Paribas. At the time, no fewer than 10,561 people, i.e. 72% of the workforce, subscribed for a total amount of 290 million French francs, i.e. 27,000 francs per employee on average. 

Employee ownership is in the DNA of Eiffage’s culture.

Benoît de Ruffray Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Eiffage
Identity card of employee ownership at 31 december 2023