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All essential info about Eiffage Group


Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading construction and concessions companies. The Group generated revenue of €21.8 billion in 2023 in Europe and internationally.

Eiffage’s 78,200 employees work in construction, property development, urban development, civil engineering, metallic construction, roads, energy systems and concessions.

With climate change a mounting threat and with sustainable and resilient cities and infrastructure in demand worldwide, Eiffage is pursuing a low-carbon construction strategy on a large scale and seizing every opportunity for innovation in this area so it can make a difference by pursuing sustainable development for the common good.

We strive to invent the future with a human perspective by creating the sustainable cities of tomorrow, by connecting regions and by implementing increasingly innovative solutions and services to meet populations’ needs, always putting local areas and communities at the heart of what we do.

Inventing the future with a human perspective means continuing to grow while staying true to who we are and our values.

Benoît de Ruffray Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eiffage

Local focus worldwide

Eiffage’s local network in France helps us to forge the close customer relationships we need to deliver high-quality projects. We have established solid roots in Europe, where we are strengthening our positions for the long term. All over the world, we support our customers with their projects by providing them with the benefit of our expertise in export markets.  

Real estate 

As a top-tier construction contractor and developer, Eiffage Immobilier has established a very strong presence in housing and in the commercial sector, urban development, hotels and assistedliving residences. Eiffage Immobilier has developed a multi-product approach and carries out largescale complex developments.  

Urban development 

Eiffage Aménagement is a large and highly respected urban developer. As a leading partner to local authorities, Eiffage Aménagement considers all the sustainable urban development issues early on in its projects, which include the construction and development of entire econeighbourhoods.   


Eiffage Route’s teams specialise in new construction and maintenance work right across the French road network, from country lanes to motorways. They innovate relentlessly to design and build the sustainable, safe and connected roads of the future.

Civil engineering  

Eiffage Génie Civil works on ambitious projects, at every stage from design to construction. Its teams also work on engineering structures, civil engineering for facilities, underground works, maritime and river works, earthworks, demolition and decontamination, foundations, structural repairs, and rail-related activities.  

Metallic Construction  

Eiffage Métal, a well-known specialist in turnkey metallic construction, designs and builds shells and façades for buildings, as well as engineering structures. Its teams deliver multi-technical solutions across all sectors of industry. Eiffage Métal has also gained experience in cutting-edge fields, such as offshore wind and the aerospace sector.  

Energy Systems 

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes designs, builds, commissions and maintains energy systems equipment for the most demanding industries. To deliver tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of its customers, Eiffage Energie Systèmes has developed a set of expert brands, each specialised in a different market – industry, infrastructure and networks, cities and local authorities, and the commercial sector.   


Eiffage Concessions finances, designs, builds, services and, over the long term, operates infrastructure and public amenities, such as transport systems (motorways, tunnels and viaducts), solar power plants, stadiums and other sports and entertainment venues, and university facilities. Its presence spans the education, culture and entertainment, safety and security, transport, health, energy and network sectors.  

In Europe, we have made a name for ourselves with all our contracting and concession operations. We have also demonstrated our ability to successfully complete projects in international markets beyond Europe.

Benoît de Ruffray Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eiffage

Core values

Leading by example  

At Eiffage, we believe leading by example is intrinsic to respecting others. It is by setting an example that the Group’s values become a tangible reality. We do not ask of others something we would not be prepared to do ourselves. Whatever the circumstances, we act in an ethical, honest manner that is perfectly within the rules. 

Courage & tenacity

At Eiffage, our employees demonstrate passion, perseverance and tenacity in their work, without being single-minded, giving them the strength to face up to and overcome any difficulties they may encounter. Our managers are courageous leaders who inspire their employees. 


At Eiffage, everyone is in some way an ambassador representing the Group. We are all bound to uphold its reputation and safeguard the people and equipment under our responsibility. We empower our people, give them considerable autonomy and encourage them to make decisions and show initiative out in the field. 


At Eiffage, our employees are able to identify and describe things clearly and accurately, fully aware of both their strengths and their weaknesses. This enables them to fairly assess the risks and mobilise the resources required. Lucidity helps to ensure we set attainable goals and we uphold our commitments. 


At Eiffage, all our people in management positions implicitly trust their employees and will support them in every way in the event of any difficulties. The actions we take are taken as a team and we leave no-one behind. Trust is a sign of appreciation, it is the glue that binds us and enables us to find fulfilment. Trust also governs Eiffage’s relationships with its stakeholders and promotes long-term partnerships. 


At Eiffage, we are open and transparent about what is at stake. Everyone knows what is expected of them and what they can reasonably expect from others. Transparency is fundamental to build trust. Information must be accurate and complete and must be shared in a timely manner. It is unacceptable to dissimulate or falsify information. Everyone must accept responsibility for their own actions. People are allowed to make mistakes, but we must learn from them, for the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. 

These six values make up a coherent whole. They are both complementary and interdependent. By adhering to these values, we become what we strive to represent – a resolute organisation driven by its values and working towards a shared vision of excellence and compassion. It is up to our employees to live by and promote our values.

Benoît de Ruffray Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eiffage
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    At Eiffage, we aim to help build a low-carbon Europe. By uniting our teams from all our construction, energy services, proprerty and concessions business lines, we can contribute to stepping up the environmental and digital transitions.

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    Eiffage’s governance structure is based on a dual authority: a Board of Directors that sets the company’s strategic guidelines, and an executive committee that implements them.

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    Operating through a dense network of locations spanning nearly 50 countries, Eiffage forges local relationships, delivering the most appropriate response to customers' challenges.