[Be vigilant] Increase in attempts to impersonate Eiffage and its subsidiaries (use of fake email addresses, fraudulent websites, etc.). More details here.

Fraud information

Fraudsters regularly misappropriate Eiffage’s identity in fake emails or on fraudulent websites as a means of placing orders with equipment suppliers, buying services or proposing investments in renewable energies or rental properties to individual customers. What are the different types of fraud and how can I report them?

How do I report fraud?

If someone has attempted to defraud you, we kindly ask you to report it to our specialist anti-fraud and cyberattack team at [email protected] so they can take legal action, as appropriate.

We also recommend that you report this fraud attempt to the authorities using the French Ministry of the Interior’s reporting platform and file a complaint with the police or gendarmerie if you’ve fallen victim to fraud.

Types of fraud

Eiffage, its subsidiaries, its brands, its domain names and its employees have to date experienced the following forms of identity fraud:

  • Misappropriation of the Eiffage domain
  • Phishing attempts
  • Fake orders for goods
  • Fraud involving the sale of fake real estate products
  • Change in bank details

Misappropriation of the Eiffage domain

Bad actors have registered domain names containing Eiffage’s name and that of its subsidiaries and its brands. Please note there has been a growing number of fraudulent emails from non-legitimate domain names:

  • fr-eiffage.com
  • eiffageconstruction-fr.com
  • eiffage-energiesystemes.com
  • eiffagegenies-civil.com
  • eiffage-construction.info
  • eiffage-communication.fr
  • info-eiffage.fr
  • eiffage-france.com
  • eiffage-gestion.com
  • eiffageconstruction-sud.com
  • eiffage-corporate.com
  • eiffageenergiesystemesequans.com
  • eiffage-constructions.com
  • eiffage-constructionsfr.fr
  • eiffage.email
  • fr-eiffage.site
  • eiffageconstruction-france.com
  • eiffage-energies-systemes.com
  • eiffage-placement.com
  • eiffage-investissement.com
  • eiffagegeniescivils.com
  • eiffage-geniescivils.com
  • eiffage-genies-civils.com
  • eiffage-investissement.fr
  • eifffage.com
  • eiffage.world
  • eiffagge.com
  • eiffageenergiesystemes-placement.com
  • eiffageconstruction-bretagne.com
  • eiffagerail-france.com
  • eiffage-constructions.pro
  • eiffage-building.pro
  • eiffageimmo.fr
  • eiffageconstructions.org
  • eiffage-constructions.org
  • eiffageconstructions.net
  • eiffage-constructions.net
  • eiffage-constructeurs.fr
  • eiffagepromotion.app
  • eiffage-building.info
  • eiffagebuilding.net
  • eiffage-immobilier.app
  • eiffageimmobilier.app
  • eiffageimmobilier.net
  • eiffageconstruction.app
  • eiffageconstructions.pro
  • eiffage-building.fr
  • eiffage-building.net
  • eiffagepromotion.fr
  • eiffage-btp.com

Phishing attempts

Phishing is an online scamming technique used to obtain sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and financial information whereby the fraudsters pass themselves off as a trusted third party.

They may send emails purporting to be from Eiffage to attract potential victims to a fraudulent website where they are asked to provide confidential personal information.

Fake orders for goods

Fraudsters may contact suppliers by email, purporting to be Eiffage, its subsidiaries and/or employees in order to obtain goods deliveries. As part of this technique, they may use the names of actual

employees and senior executives or even made-up names, as well as email addresses closely resembling those of the Eiffage group.

Watch out for the following email addresses:

In the cases we have identified, the fraudster generally changes the delivery address a few days ahead of the goods being delivered (coils, electric batteries, computers, etc.).

Fraud involving the sale of fake real estate products

Fake real estate products are usually marketed via fraudulent websites. These fake products and services generally take the form of units in SCPI partnerships, high-yield investments or parking spaces. In many cases, the properties involved are located outside France, such as in Spain and Portugal.

Be very careful! To bolster their credibility, fraudsters may present documents formatted in every respect in line with official Eiffage documentation.

Make sure that your confirm the products or services marketed to you actually exist on the official www.eiffage-immobilier.fr website

Change in bank details

Scams involving fake bank details consist in a fraudulent change of payment details. On various pretexts (relocation, account problem), the fraudster may purport to be from Eiffage and then request an illegitimate transfer to a bank account, often outside France, to cover the payment of an actual or fake invoice.

All these types of fraud are undertaken by misusing our distinctive characteristics, such as the addresses of our head offices, our corporate visual identity guidelines and our logos.

What steps should you take to stay safe?

Based on our experience, we recommend that you take the following steps to stay safe:

  • Check the sender’s email address
  • Look out for spelling mistakes
  • Be particularly circumspect about emails talking about an emergency, sanction or rewards
  • Check out links and attachments and don’t click on them if you have any doubts
  • Be careful about changes made to information and addresses

We have put rigorous payment and procurement procedures in place and never do everything solely by email.

We are taking every possible step to eliminate such practices, which are highly damaging for all concerned. Your vigilance will be crucial.