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Innovating to protect employees & mitigate risks

If you think construction projects are inherently dangerous, think again – at Eiffage, we are committed to 100% safety on our projects. And our goal is to provide the highest level of protection for all our employees. We do everything we can –implementing awareness-raising campaigns, training courses, safety audits, mobile apps and other innovations – to bring us closer to “zero risk”.

Our objective: zero risk

Effage strives to achieve “zero risk” in all its projects and facilities in France and around the world. To achieve this, every division, business line, subsidiary and entity has developed its own action plan specifically geared to its operations. Managers and tradespeople receive regular risk prevention and safety training. In addition to these courses, initiatives to raise awareness have also been introduced on the ground. Furthermore, managers conduct worksite inspections to ensure compliance with the risk prevention rules. 

Mobile, data and artificial intelligence harnessed for risk prevention

Each of the Group’s divisions has developed its own approach to safety in the workplace and risk prevention using big data and artificial intelligence data (AI). Three mobile apps embody this innovative approach to managing risk prevention and help to improve responsiveness: Safety Force, Easy and Final Safe. They make it easier to report anomalies and identified risks and facilitate data processing, assisting local operators with their decision making.

Innovating to protect our employees

Eiffage constantly innovates to protect its employees more effectively, both by preventing risks and developing new safety equipment.  

An example of this is the Ironhand® robotic glove, developed in partnership with Swedish company Bioservo Technologies AB, which has already been tested and approved internally. This active exoskeleton is designed to mechanically augment the hand’s natural strength and can be deployed at all workstations where hand and wrist actions are required. The goal is to prevent repetitive strain injury of the hand and make this kind of work more accessible to people with disabilities.  

Our Easy mobile app is a tool designed by operational staff for operational staff. It makes it easier to arrange and process the safety inspections made by management. Managers can share best practice and report problematic or dangerous situations instantly, as well as add comments and photographs.

Patrick Colin Head of Quality, Safety and Environment at Eiffage Énergie Systèmes