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Supporting professional integration

When you join Eiffage, you become part of a Group where there is a place for everyone. We accept all employees as they are and give them the chance to build a rewarding longterm career. This principle forms the basis of our community, which we strive to nurture and develop every day in keeping with our values, and is demonstrated through our various access-to-employment, diversity and equal opportunities policies.

Facilitating the recruitment of people unable to find employment

Our projects boost local employment and provide multiple job opportunities for low-skilled jobseekers and those struggling to find work. The contracts that we are awarded frequently include clauses requiring a specific number of work hours for unemployed individuals. In many cases, though, we go well beyond our contractual commitments and regulatory requirements. For example, people in access-to-work programmes completed 100,503 hours on the Ariane 6 project, well in excess of the 61,880 hours required under the regulations. 

Hiring people with disabilities

We actively provide access-to-work opportunities for people with disabilities by raising awareness, recruiting them and protecting their jobs. For example, APRR is trialling a special escape game based on the theme of hidden disabilities. In this immersive role-play game, players have to destroy a virus to save the world, while dealing with a number of hidden disabilities. It helps participants understand these impairments better and accommodate them in real life. 

APRR and AREA awarded the AFNOR diversity label

APRR and AREA have also set up an initiative to promote diversity and equal opportunities. The aim is to effectively integrate these considerations into our organisation’s daily life by creating training modules for all employees. In 2016, AFNOR awarded APRR and AREA with its Diversity Label as recognition of the initiative. The follow-up audit in 2018 highlighted the tangible progress to improve diversity made by both these companies.