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Committed suppliers and subcontractors

At Eiffage, the same ethical values and rules apply to our suppliers and subcontractors as to our employees. These include integrity, fairness, and respect for the rights and obligations of all, and also require economic involvement at grassroots level, along with support for employment and access to employment.


Committed suppliers and subcontractors

Eiffage works with accredited suppliers and subcontractors that respect Eiffage’s values and commitments. Framework contracts require our suppliers to adhere to the principles of the UN Global Compact.

Eiffage wishes to prioritise suppliers and subcontractors that share its environmental and social concerns, especially those taking action to reduce their environmental footprint and protect biodiversity, and those tackling disability and access to employment.

Sustainable relationships

Eiffage works with healthy companies, minimising reciprocal exposure to financial or technical dependencies that could adversely affect its business.

Eiffage promotes long-term relationships with its suppliers and subcontractors, whenever possible favouring multi-year contracts that allow it to build partnerships based on economic performance and to address environmental and social issues.

Eiffage manages its relationships with suppliers using an SRM tool that contains information on contracts, expenditure, assessments, relationship type, financial risk level and compliance.

Dematerialised relationships

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  • Environmental transition strategy

    Making the difference through sustainable development in every area has always been one of the Group’s primary concerns.

  • Ethics and social responsibility

    Eiffage has established a deontological and ethical approach that applies to all its stakeholders, both internal and external. In particular, this approach promotes respect for people, suppliers, business ethics and sustainable development.

  • Our integrated network of purchasers

    Purchasers are the external face of their company and Group: their personal ethics, integrity, professionalism and determination are testament to its effective operation. Their conduct directly affects Eiffage’s reputation.