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Innovating for the future with Start.box

In 2017 Eiffage launched Start.box, inviting all Group employees to share their new ideas to enhance overall performance as part of a crowdsourced innovation approach.

How does Start.box work?

Initially set up by the Eiffage subsidiary in charge of the APRR and AREA motorway networks, APRR Group, the concept of Start.box – an online suggestion box for innovations – was rolled out throughout the Group in October 2017. The idea is that employees share their opinions on a theme of their choice via a special online platform.   

The site recommends a number of themes including lowcarbon solutions, work integration programmes, mobility services of the future and applications for models for the sustainable city, enabling all Group employees to express themselves and vote for the ideas that they judge most useful.   

After a period during which contributions are collected the best innovators, identified by an internal jury, are rewarded and their ideas put into practice. For example, the homes of the future campaign resulted in the creation of three new services that are now sold by Eiffage Immobilier.  


Start.box campaigns and their aims

Here are a few examples of the campaigns proposed to employees via Start.box.     

  • The “homes of the future, #immo-inno challenge” campaign puts forward ideas to improve the customer experience in relation to three strategic themes: a sense of community, new services and the latest technologies.  
  • The “virtual home visit” campaign harnesses virtual reality so customers can ‘visit’ apartments remotely.   
  • The “Eiffage Foundation” campaign presents 11 projects that foster social integration via a crowdfunding platform, Ulule, and invites employees to vote for their favourite project so it can qualify for additional funding.   
  • The “PhosphoreCity” campaign carries out beta testing of the application of the same name, enabling users to outline key features for sustainable urban projects and share them with the Group’s employees and certain premium clients as part of a collaborative approach.   
  • The “#HumanPerspective” campaign invites employees to share individual or group photos to convey their vision for the Group’s future.   
  • The “#OneProject #OneInnovation” campaign shares proven ideas and innovations that fall into six subcategories: risk prevention, technical enhancements on site, environmental initiatives, unique offerings, works & services and wellbeing at work.   
  • The “prevention” campaign strives to make Eiffage a champion in risk prevention, a subject of utmost importance to the Group.