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Sekoya, our industrial low-carbon industrial club

To help reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry, Eiffage teamed up with Impulse Partners in 2019 to launch the Sekoya climate and lowcarbon industrial club, which encourages the development and promotion of lowcarbon materials and processes in the sector.

An industrial club to envision the future of the construction sector

Designed in partnership with Impulse Partners, a specialist in innovation in construction, Sekoya is a platform set up to promote low-carbon materials and processes. Made up of actors from the private (Covivio, Gerflor, GRDF, Legrand, Saint-Gobain and Vicat) and public sectors (GRDF and Union sociale pour l'habitat) as well as academic institutions (CEEBIOS and CSTB), this French lowcarbon industrial club aims to showcase the best solutions for the sustainable city and infrastructure of the future.   

Its objectives consist of facilitating the identification of low-carbon solutions, encouraging connections between the different organisations involved and establishing partnerships with the entire construction sector (SMEs, suppliers, committed financial institutions, startups, etc.), which is key to fostering the emergence of lowcarbon or even postcarbon city and infrastructure.   

Impulse Partners, an incubator specialising in construction innovation

Impulse Partners helps its partners adapt to the changes in their sector by facilitating access to a skilled landscape of innovative startups from France and beyond. Thanks to this relationship with these disruptive pioneers, companies can develop and ramp up their strategies for innovation. 

Themed calls for solutions

As part of Sekoya, themed calls for solutions – technically drafted by Eiffage and its partners – will be launched multiple times per year, addressing SMEs and startups hosted by Impulse Partners as well as other associated entities, such as the French cleantech network PEXE.  

The technical solutions put forward will be:  

  • subject to a technical review and multipartner selection; 
  • showcased via the carbon & climate platform; and 
  • integrated into the Eiffage Group and their partners’ bids for contracts when they correspond exactly to the needs expressed in the call for solutions. 

The 2020 winners

Here are the five start-ups chosen in Sekoya’s first call for solutions.   

Manufacturing and selling new professional acrylic paints made of 70% recycled materials recovered from worksites.   

A digital marketplace reusing construction materials and connecting buyers and professional sellers from the construction sector.   

A 1.2m roofing panel made of biosourced materials such as recycled cellulose fibres and plantbased resins.   

Recovering and reusing rainwater in urban areas using equipment made up of waterproof planters and planted foundations.  

Developing integrated energy storage and generation solutions through cogeneration.   

Sekoya Africa   
In September 2019, Eiffage launched Sekoya Africa to mark the Sustainable Future Forum held in Dakar, Senegal by BNP Paribas. The platform will enable us to create an industrial club offering lowcarbon solutions in line with local needs throughout the continent, particularly in relation to urbanisation. In 2040, 1 billion people in Africa will live in cities – i.e., 77% of the continent’s total population.