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Our responsible purchasing policy

Purchasing represents more than 50% of revenue at Eiffage. Our suppliers and subcontractors form part of the Group’s current and future value. Working collaboratively with them boosts Eiffage’s capacity for innovation, helps drive sustainable development, and enhances performance in our operations and projects. Eiffage is keenly focused on preserving and adding to this “supplier capital”.


Supplier Relations Charter

Since 2010, Eiffage has been signed up to the responsible supplier relations and responsible purchasing charter.

This charter requires the appointment of a small and medium enterprise (SME) correspondent to facilitate mediation with the Group in the event of a dispute following a challenge from a supplier.

Eiffage has created a dedicated email address to facilitate mediation with the Group in the event of a dispute following a challenge from a supplier. This approach is part of the “Business Ombudsman” scheme (Essoc Law, article 36).

Should the need arise, please contact: [email protected]

Our ability to foster supplier relations more broadly in multiple areas: innovation, logistics, cost control, third-party assessments and risk management [...] enables us to make rapid progress in our low-carbon strategy, [...] and deal with unforeseen events. By joining up our ecosystem, we will make the difference more quickly.

Benoît de Ruffray Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eiffage

Risk management and compliance

Eiffage has created a purchasing commitments charter for all employees involved in purchasing.

Preventing corruption (Sapin II Law)
Within the Group, it is formally prohibited to offer or accept inappropriate payments, or to grant unfounded incentives to anyone, directly or via a third party, with the aim of obtaining favourable treatment or influencing the outcome of a negotiation.

Duty of care
The French law on duty of care dated 27/03/2017 requires the implementation of a vigilance plan to identify and prevent the risk of serious harm to the environment, personal health and safety, human rights, and fundamental liberties by suppliers with which an ongoing business relationship exists.

CSR & Suppliers
All suppliers and subcontractors under framework contracts with the Eiffage Group must complete a CSR assessment. This covers various elements such as equal opportunities, respect for individuals, safety and accident prevention policy, ethical business risks, and environmental issues.

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  • Ethics and social responsibility

    Eiffage has established a deontological and ethical approach that applies to all its stakeholders, both internal and external. In particular, this approach promotes respect for people, suppliers, business ethics and sustainable development.

  • Environmental transition strategy

    Making the difference through sustainable development in every area has always been one of the Group’s primary concerns.

  • Low carbon at the heart of purchasing

    Eiffage has the double target of reducing its internal emissions by 46% and its external emissions by 30% by 2030. Purchasing represents 89% of the Eiffage Group’s Scope 3 upstream CO2 emissions.