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Multi-year partnerships
set up by the Eiffage Foundation

Over the last nine years, the Eiffage Foundation has supported 197 community projects, all championed by Group employees, as well as 11 multi-year partnerships. Here are a few examples.

Providing homes for vulnerable people

Set up in 1988, the charity Solidarités nouvelles pour le logement (SNL) has been working to provide homes for highly vulnerable people in the Greater Paris region by purchasing or building properties and managing 1,000 homes for people struggling. It has over 1,100 volunteers operating in over 100 local community groups to support the tenants with administrative tasks while helping them gain autonomy. 

In the southern Paris department of Essonne, SNL is steering two construction and renovation projects for low energy consumption social housing. Six current and retired Eiffage employees volunteer within this charity and lead its projects. In Palaiseau, seven homes were built and renovated with support from the Eiffage Foundation. Similarly, in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois, support from the Eiffage Foundation helped to renovate two homes and build four more. 

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Article 1 is a non-profit organisation that boosts gender equality by supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or likely to face to discrimination (social, ethnic and geographic discrimination) throughout their education until they obtain their degree. 

These young people are offered individual mentoring with volunteers from the world of work as well as group workshops. Over 4,000 young people receive such support from over 1,000 mentor employees all throughout France. Our efforts are beginning to pay off, as 100% of the graduates mentored find employment within six months of leaving university.  

Eiffage was the first construction company to get involved in this kind of programme, encouraging 18 volunteer mentors to share their expertise in 2015/16 and 23 in 2016/17. They gave up their time outside their working day in towns around France including Angers, Caen, Compiègne, La Rochelle, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Mulhouse, Paris, Rennes, Toulouse and all throughout the Greater Paris region.  

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Training and professional integration by cultivating organic fruit and vegetables at the Maison de Cocagne

The Cocagne network, set up in the 1980s, offers assistance to people struggling and experiencing long-term unemployment by offering them training courses and experience cultivating fruit and vegetables in its 120 gardens.  
In 2016, the Eiffage Foundation decided to help the charitable network build and fit out the Maison de Cocagne, which houses a locavore restaurant employing people on professional integration schemes, a training centre, accommodation and the offices for the organisation’s national network at its Limon garden in Vauhallan, northern France.  
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Facilitating the professional integration of people with disabilities

The Eiffage Foundation supports the community kitchen, Jardin Pêcheur. Opened in March 2017, the restaurant employs 24 people, 90% of whom are registered disabled, mainly with physical disabilities.  

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