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Cœur Marina, works commencing

Operational construction is about to commence at the worksite for the new Marina Baie des Anges harbour due for delivery in 2025, and the construction camp was set up there recently.

Cœur Marina, works commencing

The various administrative permits required for Cœur Marina, including to comply with the French Law on water, have now been secured, which represents a crucial milestone for the project.
Demolition of the old building housing the spa therapy centre required a great deal of work, with some 268 tonnes of waste and 6 tonnes of asbestos to be managed, cleared and processed. Since some of the land has been reclaimed from the sea, soil liquefaction treatment was needed for strengthening purposes. This process will be completed in May, followed by the earthworks lasting until July and the structural works to June 2024. Finishing works, a crucial stage because the building will house a four-star hotel and have to meet demanding standards, will then take until spring 2025. A total of 200 parking spaces will also be created.
Other tasks will be carried out in parallel, including work on the reception dock in front of the main building, preliminary discussions with the mayor’s office on refurbishment of the utility networks and lighting units, as well as the wifi and CCTV installations, to make sure the entire port area, including the pontoons, is completed by the end of the year.
Lastly, the project’s major environmental dimension is now taking shape. Over 120 trees have been planted, and there will also be a roof garden and a vegetable plot.

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