Clemessy implements the Ariane rocket test bench with Syclone


Clemessy implements the Ariane rocket test bench with Syclone

The CNES, acting on behalf of the ESA, chose Clemessy to renovate the Ariane rocket test bench by replacing the real-time controller and data acquisition tool (DAQ) with a new system enabling high-reliability monitoring and control as well as first-rate cyber security. 

Eiffage Energie Systèmes, via its Clemessy brand, was selected as integrator of the test bench system for the European launchers’ solid rocket boosters, thanks to its expertise in the design and engineering and implementation of IT and monitoring & control facilities.  

Our experts have integrated Syclone, a fully modular monitoring and control software product. Working like a toolbox, it enables the development of a 100%-customized solution suited to all requirements and environments, from the simplest to the most complex systems. The software structure perfectly combines the worlds of supervision, real-time process control and physical hardware. Our solution is particularly well suited to managing tests and trials on processes with high availability, safety and traceability levels. 

At cybersecurity level, the convergence of information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), and high-speed data acquisition (HDA) has enabled the implementation of an effective policy and provisions to protect the Booster Testbed from cyber-attacks. Right from the start of system integration, our experts advocated strengthening cybersecurity in operational technology (OT) and computer systems with the “Defense in Depth” (DiD) strategy. This means addressing cybersecurity at each layer of the system, with each layer implementing primarily independent security measures. 

The Syclone software has thus been configured to handle high-speed data acquisition from multiple systems scattered throughout the test facility. They combine to provide 1,000 channels, each capable of recording up to 200,000 data samples per second. All these measurement channels are synchronized to each other and to absolute time and will be available to the control system with a latency of less than 500 microseconds. This solution is 100% European, implemented via our Slovenian partner DEWESoft. 

Syclone’s software is 100%. French. It controls, monitors and implements the entire booster test process, including operation of the actuators that move the rocket nozzle itself. On reception of the ignition signal, all the analog channels start up and record the physical quantities. On this type of test implementing a specimen of several tens of millions of euros, we have to succeed at the first try. 

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