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Eiffage Foundation: results of Employees’ Choice award

Between February and April this year, nearly 2,000 Eiffage Group employees voted for their favourite project out of the 14 selected among projects supported by the Eiffage Foundation. The Hydraulique Sans Frontières association won the most votes and will receive additional funding of €5,000 for its work promoting access to clean water in Senegal.

Eiffage Foundation: results of Employees’ Choice award

In January, the Eiffage Foundation selected 14 projects among those it supported in 2018 and 2019, to be included in the second edition of the Eiffage Group Employees’ Choice award. Firmly rooted in their local area, these projects promote the social and professional integration of people facing hardship and are sponsored by Group employees.
Between 26 February and 10 April this year, more than 2,700 employees learned about the projects on start box, and nearly 2,000 voted for their favourite project.
A big thank you to everyone who took part!
The project that came out on top, with 21% of the votes, is run by the Hydraulique Sans Frontières association.
Created in 1990 by two retired engineers, Hydraulique Sans Frontières works to promote access to clean water, mainly in isolated rural areas of Africa. The association had previously received Eiffage Foundation funding in 2015, for the initial phase of a clean water supply project in Diam-Diam village in the Kaffrine region of Senegal, which included construction of a borehole and a reservoir.
Freeing up time for women who previously spent up to 6 hours per day collecting water, the project made it possible to develop economic activities that require a water source, such as cattle farming or market gardening. Three jobs were created to manage the water supply.
The project is supported by a Group retiree and two employees: Philippe Galiègue a retired agency manager at Gauthey (Infrastructures division) and volunteer project manager for the Diam-Diam project, Mohamadou Macquillou Camara, a surveyor at Eiffage Sénégal who acts as the link between the local association and the company, and Rahil Abdelghani, a research manager at Eiffage Energie Systèmes.
Phase 2 of construction of a water tower, distribution networks and sanitation blocks for each of the 150 concessions, will make it possible to extend and reinforce the positive impacts of the project both in terms of health and economic development.
An extra €5,000 in funding will be allocated to the association, enabling the installation of 10 additional family sanitation blocks, meeting the needs of families and with a view to further improving sanitary conditions in the village.

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