Fostering access to employment

The Eiffage Foundation’s mission is to help people struggling to find and stay in employment. It supports projects in various different areas (training, employment, housing, sports and culture) in France and around the world, wherever the Group operates. These projects all have one thing in common – offering access to employment for those in need. The Eiffage Foundation has a budget of €2.5 million for the 2019-2024 period, during which time it aims to place greater emphasis on initiatives that prevent, rather than cure. 

Fondation Eiffage

Group employees – the Foundation’s driving force


The Group’s current and retired employees put the initiatives into action and thus form a key pillar of the Foundation’s efforts. Employees contribute in two different ways. Firstly, the Foundation supports organisations that they are already involved with. Secondly, they can volunteer on projects led by the Foundation’s partner charities. 

A long-term approach

Eiffage’s employees and retirees have enthusiastically risen to the challenge of helping people in need find work.

Frédérique AlaryChief Executive Officer of the Eiffage Foundation

Long-term engagement is needed to help people find their place in the workforce. To that end, the Eiffage Foundation sets up multi-year partnerships with certain organisations, such as the Solidarauto network of community outreach garages. The long-term unemployment reduction initiative (Territoires Zéro Chômeur de Longue Durée), which aims to eliminate long-term unemployment, is another example. The programme was launched in October 2016 to support the work of ATD Quart Monde. Its approach is to channel unemployment insurance funds back into creating long-term jobs. The longterm unemployed are paid the minimum wage to carry out work that helps the local community – meeting the needs of residents, businesses or local authorities – at no additional cost to the local authority. 


Helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds succeed with Article 1

In 2018 and 2019, 153 Eiffage employees joined the Article 1 organisation as mentors or programme leaders. Their role is to guide and support potential high-flyers from disadvantaged backgrounds by introducing them to the world of work and helping them build their own professional networks. The organisation supports 12,000 students right through to graduation every year, with extremely impressive results – 100% of them are hired within six months of completing their course. The Eiffage Foundation is a longterm partner to Article 1 and has committed to supporting the organisation until 2021.  

Submitting a project

The initiatives selected by the Eiffage Foundation promote the socio-professional integration of people in difficulty or in an exclusion situation. 
All projects must be submitted to the Eiffage Foundation on the online platform: Submitting a project

You will find information on the criteria and steps for selection and the role played by the sponsor. The selection committees are held in March, June and November.

Key figures
  • 27

    projects supported

  • €2.5

    million budget for the 2019-2024 period

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