"THE SOURCE", the ambitious renovation of the future headquarters of Eiffage Benelux, Valens & Eiffage Development in Brussels


It's official! After signing the sales agreement and obtaining planning permission from the local authority, Eiffage Benelux and its two Brussels subsidiaries, Valens and Eiffage Development, are proud to be able to announce the location of their future offices in Brussels. They will take up residence in Auderghem, more precisely at number 66 of Avenue Demey, where the new headquarters of the three entities, called "The Source", will be built.

The choice of location for this project, which is being carried out by Valens and supported by Eiffage Development, is not insignificant. It is part of the Group's desire to maintain a strong presence in Brussels, in a neighbourhood that is set to undergo a complete metamorphosis in the coming years, synonymous with the embellishment of the surrounding area and its living environment.

Christophe Van Ophem (Managing Director of Eiffage Benelux):
"By bringing together our three Brussels entities in the same building, we want to promote synergies and a team dynamic that is in line with our values. "The Source" will offer work spaces conducive to co-creation, innovation and creativity. Performing together to succeed as a team, that's our business plan! It is also in line with our desire to optimise our modes of mobility and drastically reduce our CO2 footprint, which perfectly reflects our ambition to become the low-carbon leader in the construction sector."

With the support of the architectural firm R²D², Eiffage Benelux, itself a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, has the ambition to transform the existing building into a welcoming and attractive meeting place for everyone. "The Source" will therefore meet all the requirements in terms of accessibility, sustainable development, circular economy, reduced energy consumption and comfort for its employees.

Pierre Wéry (Managing Director of Valens):
"Already fully involved in the studies, our teams are particularly enthusiastic about the idea of carrying out the future work on "The Source". Together, we are proudly carrying out this project, both in terms of design and construction choices and working methods. The creativity of our teams will thus be able to express itself fully."

Finally, this 3,130sqm project also corresponds to the desire to integrate harmoniously into a rapidly changing urban environment, by favouring soft forms of mobility thanks to the proximity of a dense public transport network and a mobility policy that will be resolutely proactive.

Thierry Collard (Managing Director of Eiffage Development): 
"With the completion of this real estate project, Eiffage Development is reaffirming its ambition as a key player in real estate development. Our DNA as a builder-developer is fully expressed through "The Source". The architectural design combining energy frugality, low-carbon solutions and technical innovations will be a showcase for our know-how in terms of urban planning, economics and the environment."

The move is planned for the end of 2024.