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Teams from Eiffage Métal removed the Colbert Bridge

In Dieppe (76), teams from Eiffage Métal removed the 840-tonne Colbert Bridge on a barge.

Teams from Eiffage Métal removed the Colbert Bridge

A new stage, as spectacular as it is strategic, in the restoration of the deck of the Pont Colbert, a listed historic monument, has just taken place. It has been moved a few metres to its construction site for restoration, which will take fifteen months.

Many thanks to all those involved in this magnificent project: Eiffage Métal, Sarens, TSM - Thomas Services Maritimes, Humann & Taconet Coopérative maritime du service de lamanage des ports de Rouen et Dieppe, on behalf of Ports de Normandie.

Credit: ®F. Thomas - Ports of Normandy

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