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Solar-powered hospital in Portugal

In Guimarães, north-east of Porto, JJTOMÉ has just finished equipping the hospital parking lot with photovoltaic panels. This contributes to the building's environmental efficiency. 

Solar-powered hospital in Portugal

752 m2 of solar panels installed on parking lot shades: this is the project completed at the end of October by JJTomé at Guimarães Hospital. The 292,545 photovoltaic modules have a total output of 159 kWp. This represents the production of 227 MWh/year of electrical energy, directly destined for the hospital's consumption! Each year, the hospital, located some 50 km northeast of Porto, will save over €30,000 on its electricity bill and reduce its CO2 emissions by over 61 tonnes! 


One of the innovations deployed by JJTOMÉ is the use of a carport-type structure in the parking area. This vast space, already in use, limits the need for development and has no impact on the hospital's activities. Better still, it even protects motorists from the rain, and features an integrated lighting system for improved visibility at night. As for the electricity generated by the solar cells, it's entirely clean, silent and non-polluting for the environment. 


Early delivery 

The installation also features 2 inverters, 100 kWn and 60 kWn, and a monitoring system that allows the user to view energy production in real time, explains Fernando Lima, Business Unit Manager - Renewable energy). The operator also has remote access to the system's historical and alarm data".  


For JJTOMÉ, this was a turnkey project including engineering, procurement, civil and electromechanical construction, for a budget of over €200,000. "The project mobilized 8 people on site for 2 months, under the direction of the renewable energies business unit. The team's motivation even enabled the project to be completed ahead of schedule. We're very proud of this project, which contributes directly to the energy transition and to the growth of our business in this key sector." 

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