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Expercité illuminates Calmont-d'Olt Castle in Espalion (12)

In the Aveyron department, Espalion town council have entrusted Expercité with the task of illuminating and enhancing a medieval jewel built in the early Middle Ages. This fortress and listed historical monument can now be admired day and night from the confines of the valley. 

Expercité illuminates Calmont-d'Olt Castle in Espalion (12)

The castle of Calmont-d'Olt is perched on a rocky spur on the edge of the Aubrac Regional Natural Park. It overlooks the Lot valley with a 360° panoramic view of the Aubrac mountains, Causses and small town of Espalion located below. The town hall called on lighting designer Wonderfulight and Expercité’s technical know-how to illuminate this remarkable site, as part of a GPP (Global Public Performance) Contract. 

"The castle's walls and keep were highlighted by remotely controlled lighting. The outer enclosure is illuminated in a "warm white" tone (3,000 K), while the inner enclosure is bathed in "very warm white" light (2,700 K), in order to emphasize the architectural volumes. The dungeon can be switched from very warm white to red, to suit a variety of requirements and events. This is one of the most significant achievements of the year for our public lighting teams, who were able to adapt to challenges on the site and make this project a success, explained business manager Hugo Laporte. 

Our electricians installed a total of 55 LED spotlights throughout the fortress to highlight the medieval keep, the long tower and the two surrounding walls. 

The dungeon lighting is provided by dynamic colour change projectors with high brightness red, green, blue and white LEDs (RGBW). This technology enables the creation of different lighting scenarios: 14 July (Bastille Day), pink October, and the illumination of the keep in the blazing red and yellow colours of the Espalion coat of arms. 


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