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Dorsalys completes GSM-R coverage of a 320 km railway line for SNCF Réseau

SNCF Réseau has decided to gradually replace its analogue Radio Sol-Train (RST) telecommunications network with a digital GSM-R communications system over 15,000 km of track, with a view to developing the interoperability of European rail networks. Our Dorsalys teams have completed Phase 1 of the project between Mantes-la-Jolie (78) and Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (50), and work on Phase II should be completed in summer 2023.  

Dorsalys completes GSM-R coverage of a 320 km railway line for SNCF Réseau

Our experts have to equip seven tunnels and install 62 GSM-R outdoor radio sites, including a tree tower, so as to ensure GSM-R coverage of the 320 km of railway line. The work is being carried out in two phases on a line in operation and since March 2021, has been taking place during Temporary Traffic Interruptions (TTI) booked in advance with SNCF Réseau 

In addition to the design and layout of the pylon foundations, technical slabs and accesses, we are assembling the pylons at each site and lifting them at night. We also lay the antennas, install and commission the technical cabinets (power and radio) and fit out the tunnels” explained business manager Alain Trouvé.  

The technology chosen by SNCF Réseau is called Global System for Mobile communication for Railways (GSM-R). It enables traffic regulators to manage call priority and simultaneously reach a group of trains in a given geographical area. The system facilitates communication in the event of an incident, thereby enhancing traffic and passenger safety.  

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