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Dorsalys : rebuilding a very high voltage (VHV) electrical link between Avelin and Gavrelle

As part of the project to rebuild a 400 kV double electrical link over 30 km between Lille (59) and Arras (62), RTE has chosen Dorsaly to carry out a first stretch of 16 km between the villages of Avelin (59) and Gavrelle (62). Our employees are currently finalizing the preliminary engineering studies and are working in perfect synergy with other subsidiaries of Eiffage Group in order to deliver this ground-breaking contract by 2022.

Dorsalys : rebuilding a very high voltage (VHV) electrical link between Avelin and Gavrelle

Our specialists are in charge of designing, constructing and deploying the whole of the “Avelin-Gavrelle” VHV line. They have just completed building work on the test station comprising two traditional pylons and two Équilibre pylons, which emerged from our engineering studies. This type of pylon should also limit (or reduce) electromagnetic field emissions. Eiffage Group’s Belgian subsidiary and steel construction specialists lemants are to take charge of producing the 45 Équilibre pylons punctuating the future VHV line. 

At the same time, our experts have also finished mechanical trials on the cable hanging equipment, (with a failure load exceeding 320 tonnes) and electrical testing is in progress at the IREQ (Institut de Recherche d’Hydro-Québec) in Canada. Our Verquin branch (62), only 40 km from the worksite, is to supervise work on this VHV line which will supply power to 1.7 million inhabitants in 530 communities of the Hauts de France region. 

This specialized branch is officiating for our Dorsalys brand, which includes all the specific skills provided by Eiffage Énergie Systèmes for transport infrastructure and electrical network operators. 

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