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Environment: Eiffage Strengthens Its Biodiversity Charter and Introduces a New Charter and Internal Guide Dedicated to Soil Preservation

Having already made commitments to sustainable development, biodiversity, water and aquatic environments, low carbon, and circular economy, the Eiffage Group is updating its biodiversity charter and has introduced a new charter dedicated to soil preservation.

Environment: Eiffage Strengthens Its Biodiversity Charter and Introduces a New Charter and Internal Guide Dedicated to Soil Preservation

Eiffage Biodiversity Charter

Recognized as a "Company Committed to Nature" by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB), the group has been engaged for more than 15 years in the fight against biodiversity loss. Preserving natural environments has become an operational imperative for Eiffage's business activities, and it is the focus of a biodiversity strategy formalized in 2019 and an operational action plan for 2023-2025. The new version of this charter demonstrates the Group's commitments and ambitions to preserve biodiversity:

  • Understand the impacts on ecosystems and receive training to better understand the interactions between our activities and biodiversity.
  • Avoid and reduce pressures on nature by adopting responsible and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Add "biodiversity" value by incorporating conservation measures into our projects and processes.
  • Adapt our activities to contribute to ecosystem restoration.

Read the biodiversity charter

Eiffage Soil Charter...

Because preserving living soils is a major issue intersecting with various environmental themes (biodiversity, water, carbon, etc.), Eiffage has introduced a dedicated charter. Limiting soil artificialization and its effects is crucial for the resilience of ecosystems and achieving the goal of net zero artificialization by 2050. This new charter reflects Eiffage's ambition to position itself as a key player in achieving this goal at a territorial scale:

  • Understand the impacts on soils and their artificialization.
  • Avoid and reduce impacts on existing natural lands through mitigation solutions.
  • Limit the effects of artificialization through adaptation solutions.
  • Adapt our activities to support communities in their efforts to achieve their net zero artificialization goals.

Read the Soil charter

...Accompanied by an Internal Application Guide

Eiffage employees have access to a guide to help limit artificialization and support clients and communities in achieving their net zero artificialization goals. This guide outlines the regulatory framework in France (Climate and Resilience Law of 2020 and its implementing decrees), clarifies the definitions of artificialization, and presents solutions to understand stakeholder expectations, ecological issues, development opportunities, and the basis for concrete action.

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