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Clévia takes part in renovating a former alcohol factory north of Lille, for Fermentis by Lesaff

International industrial flagship Lessafre Group has specialized in fermentation and fermented drinks since 1853. The group, rebranded Fermentis by Lesaffre, launched the creation of its Campus in 2020 with the restoration of a former alcohol factory. This has become the Fermentis Academy, for which Clévia has been awarded the HVAC contract.


Clévia takes part in renovating a former alcohol factory north of Lille, for Fermentis by Lesaff

The Fermentis Academy is located on the historic site of Marquette-lez-Lille (59) which was originally a Cistercian abbey. Founded in the 13th century by Jeanne de Flandre, Marquette Abbey was later disused, and then purchased in 1853 by Lesaffre Group founders Louis Lesaffre and Louis Bonduelle. The Academy was built on the site of the "Large modern malthouses” and has retained certain architectural elements from the former alcohol factory. 

Our Clévia experts are in charge of the Fermentis Academy’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning facilities. They have commissioned heat pumps, ceiling-type terminal units and vertical air conditioning cabinets. The ducts they used were delivered to them degreased and filmed, enabling them to carry out a meticulous job with impeccable finishings. 

The architect wanted the technical fixtures to be visible, in order to reinforce the site’s industrial" look. As the ductwork is entirely apparent in the tasting area located under the old factory silos, we installed heat-insulated ducts with a very attractive stainless-steel finish," explained agency manager Thierry Pillot 

The Fermentis Academy is a research & development laboratory, housing a training centre and grouping services for the marketing of fermentation products such as fresh yeast and micro-organisms. Fermentis by Lesaffre is a major player in the food industry with 77 production sites throughout the world, and distributes its products in 185 countries. 


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