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Clemessy takes part in building the LIP Laboratory’s new production and R&D unit

In Aurillac, in the Cantal region, the LIP (Laboratoire interprofessionnel de production) specializes in cultivating "noble micro-organisms", in other words: AOC cheese rind formation. As winner of the Résilience call for projects supported by France Relance, LIP was able to undertake the construction of a new production and R&D unit. The electrical work was entrusted to our Clemessy experts. 

Clemessy takes part in building the LIP Laboratory’s new production and R&D unit

LIP was founded in 1983 by the Massif Central AOC (Appellations d'Origine Contrôlée) cheese manufacturers and has built up a solid reputation in the field of maturing and flavouring ferments. It now offers a wide range of strains used in food production (industrial and farm) for cheese, charcuterie and vegetable product processing. 

LIP is one of the 105 winners of the Résilience call for projects, deployed as part of the France Relance national investment plan. This award, together with funding, has enabled the laboratory to undertake construction of its new production and R&D unit. The work is taking place on a site in production and  is nearing completion. 

"LIP has asked us to carry out all the electrical work. We are installing the earthing network and equipotential connections, as well as the electrical routing and distribution from the main switchboard. This is followed by testing and facility self-checking. We also have to commission the site's lightning protection, an inverter and electrical charging terminals. Finally, we will orchestrate reassembly of the GTC and all the circuit breakers, by installing a specialized power supply," explained works manager Alexandre Aygadoux 

In July 2021, the Prefect of the Cantal and the sub-prefect in charge of Recovery paid a symbolic visit to LIP to show their support for one of the key players in a strategic production field, contributing to the independence and sovereignty of French industry. 

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