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Electromobility: APRR boosts its ultra-fast charging points on major highways

In early December 2021, four new ultra high-power charging stations are to be opened on the APRR and AREA motorways, built and operated by the company Fastned. With a strong presence in Europe, this charging point operator is opening its first stations in France.
Having committed to a multi-operator charging point deployment plan for its service areas back in 2012, APRR is progressing further with a closely meshed offering on its motorway networks.
By the end of 2021, almost 65% of all APRR and AREA service areas will be equipped with charging stations, two-thirds of which will be ultra high-power (150 to 350 kW), A figure destined to rise to 100% by end 2022.


Electromobility: APRR boosts its ultra-fast charging points on major highways

APRR facilitates the “long run” and accompanies electric vehicle growth
The number of electric vehicles in France continues to rise and now represents more than 10% of vehicle sales, compared with 1.2% in 2017*. Registrations have leapt by 91% since January 2021. There are now 630,000 electric vehicles on French roads. This phenomenon is set to accelerate with the “France 2030” Industrial Plan, under which some 2 million electric and hybrid French vehicles are to be produced by 2030.
* National association for the development of electric mobility - July 2021
As a result, more terminals need to be deployed on motorways to meet the demand of drivers travelling long distances in electric vehicles. This is why APRR is ramping up the number of charging points on its networks, with a new station opened on average every 15 days.
While sales of electric vehicles are soaring, charging time continues to be an obstacle for many drivers. We are accelerating the deployment of increasingly high-performance technologies on our networks so that users can look forward to stress-free long distance journeys. The time it takes for a break at our service areas will be all that's needed to practically fully charge a vehicle. This mini-revolution brings us one step closer to carbon-free motorways,” says Guillaume Hérent, Deputy General Manager of APRR and AREA.
All-new stations installed on major motorway routes
Entirely new to France, the Fastned charging stations are now operational at the service areas of Gevrey-Chambertin Ouest (A31, Dijon), Écot (A36, Montbéliard), Pont Chêne d’Argent (A39, Dole) and Pont Val de Saône (A39, Dole). APRR is enhancing its network meshing: the Paris-Lyon routes, the highways to Germany and Switzerland and the motorways of the Alps are now dotted with service areas equipped with ultra high-power charging stations.
Each new Fastned station is initially equipped with four charging points, delivering up to 300 kW. The number can be increased to 12, according on demand. A solution that covers 100% of the needs of four vehicles charging simultaneously. Given that an electric vehicle consumes on average 15 kWh per 100 km in urban driving compared with 20 to 25 kWh per 100 km on a motorway.
By the end of the year, four additional Fastned stations will open on the A5 and the A6, for a total of 20 new ultra high-power charging points.
Fast charge times
Chosen after an invitation to tender completed in 2020, Dutch operator Fastned is installing its first ultra high-power charging stations in France this autumn.
Their “new generation” terminals will enable drivers to acquire up to 300 km of operating range in the time it takes to stop for a motorway break. The standard charging price is fixed at €0.59 incl. tax per kWh.
Each Fastned station has a canopy, which protects the driver from bad weather and is equipped with photovoltaic panels that produce the energy consumed by the station, a double advantage. These modern, ergonomic stations, which are contributing to carbon-free mobility, can also be used by long vehicles, vehicles with trailers and utility vehicles.

Picture : Gevrey-Chambertin rest area (A31, Dijon), crédit © Erolf Productions

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