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Eiffage Construction wins the contract to refurbish and extend an office building in Montrouge (92)

The rehabilitation project of an office building R+8, on 3 basement levels, is located in a predominantly tertiary district, within the city of Montrouge. The existing building has been preserved and renovated. In addition, the building is part of a sustainable development approach with the aim of achieving environmental certifications guaranteeing maximum compliance with ecological transition objectives.

Eiffage Construction wins the contract to refurbish and extend an office building in Montrouge (92)

On 8 June 2022, Eiffage Construction won the contract to refurbish and extend the "Montrouge - Porte SUD" office building. 

The building, built in 1975, consists of a wing with a ground floor plus 6 floors, all on a basement level and three parking levels.
In addition, the project includes

  • The heavy restructuring of the entire existing building,
  • The demolition of approximately 2,800 m2 of floor slabs of the existing building,
  • The creation of 3 new buildings connected to the existing building,
  • The creation of a restaurant space on the ground floor,
  • The replacement of the external joinery and the repair of the existing facades,
  • The adaptation of the structures located in front of the existing building.

The project, with over 13,000 m2 of floor space, is intended for tertiary use with office space, an inter-company restaurant on the ground floor and parking on the three basement levels. In order to increase the amount of natural light in the offices and significantly improve the quality of working conditions for employees, it is planned to demolish the lintels of the bays and replace the current windows with wood and aluminium windows.

All the external spaces will be redesigned. It has been decided to retain the existing green spaces in order to improve them. Two open-air patios will be laid out on the same level and will be planted with trees. The roofs will be greened and will host a variety of planted terraces: each terrace will experiment with an urban theme through specific biodiversity.

The project is part of an ambitious sustainable development approach for which the HQE Excellent, WELL Gold, LEED Gold, BBCA New and Renovation Standard, WIREDSCORE Gold and BIODIVERSITY Construction environmental certifications are being sought.
The achievement of these objectives is reflected in the following provisions:

  • Significant improvement of the thermal performance of the envelope of the existing part and the extension part (insulation of opaque walls, performance of external joinery, solar protection);
  • Installation of technical equipment with low energy consumption and low greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Choice of materials with low carbon impact (such as wood for the structure) or from a circular economy approach, with the aim of achieving a reuse volume of 3% of the total cost of the works.

Delivery is scheduled for spring 2024. Congratulations to our teams in Île-de-France for winning this contract.

Owner: Gecina
Assistance to the project owner: THEOP
Architect: SCAU architecture
Main contractor: CICAD

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