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Eiffage Construction chosen to realize a military mess in Angoulême

The Establishment of the Service d'Infrastructure de la Défense de Bordeaux has chosen the Eiffage teams to carry out the military mess of the Angoulême site within the framework of a contract of Design Construction Development Maintenance and Maintenance (CCAEM). Eiffage Construction will be the representative of the group composed of the architectural firm Architecte Associes – Niort, TPFI Design Offices – Bordeaux and Gamma Conception – Toulouse and Eiffage Energie Systèmes in charge of technical lot installations and maintenance for 5 years.

Eiffage Construction chosen to realize a military mess in Angoulême
The Angoulême defence base currently has 2 restoration points. In order to optimize the functioning of the restoration, these two spaces will be shared in a single, more functional restoration point and integrating the flows of the Fayolle Bossut district.

Imagined by architectural firm Architecte Associes – Niort, the future mess of the 2900 m² Angoulême military base will consist of two 2 blocks: a "served" block (dining rooms, bar) and a "servant" block (technical premises, storage, kitchens, changing rooms). The articulation between these two spaces is the meal distribution area at the centre of the work.

This building with double orientation is built on the one hand site with a mineral architecture, sober and hierarchical, and on the other hand on the green garden conducive to a relaxing break during the meal.
Façade materials promote integration with the existing surrounding building context (mineral facade treated with lime-bleached grey concrete), those retained for the interior creating in the heart of the building user-friendly spaces like sharing meals (wood cladding, large volumes, bright).


The building will have exemplary energy specificities allowing it to be labeled E3C1:
  • Presence of thermo voltaic solar panels that produce electricity but also warm the air for ventilation of the premises in winter and limit the heating needs.
  • Energy recovery on cold groups of cold rooms for heating of domestic hot water.
As of October 2020, the Eiffage Construction Poitou-Charentes teams will start the construction site for a period of 15 months.
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