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Eiffage Construction awarded a contract by Clairsienne to take over the Lumi project in Bordeaux Eiffage

Eiffage Construction has been awarded the design and build contract to take over the Lumi project located on Quai de Brienne in Bordeaux’s Euratlantique district. The contract is worth close to €45 million. Architects firm Vincent Lavergne Architecture Urbanisme, assisted by Cierto Estudio, will handle project management for Lumi, a multi-purpose innovative space. It consists of a complex of four mixed-use buildings with eight and ten above-ground floors and a total of 21,000 m² in floor space.

Eiffage Construction awarded a contract by Clairsienne to take over the Lumi project in Bordeaux Eiffage

The Lumi project has been designed around a 1,140 m² landscaped area and incorporates a tertiary building with conference rooms, office areas and a school, plus catering and rooftop spaces. The plans also include two buildings with 130 homes for first-time buyers and properties for rent. The final building will house 192 units of social university accommodation and a ground-floor childcare facility. Additionally, the programme will include 167 parking spaces across two underground levels and a wide range of cycle parking spaces with a high service level.

This new project is aligned with the requirements of the RE2020 regulation and will draw inspiration from the Bâtiment frugal bordelais quality label, which promotes a more sustainable approach to building and urban development. Since it forms part of a broader eco-design programme, the plan is to retain most of the existing structures and recover materials from the demolished building through reuse or recycling, leading to an 800-tonne carbon saving. Low-carbon concrete, biosourced materials, industrialised bathrooms by Eiffage’s subsiadry HVA Concept, and circular solutions will be used wherever possible during construction. From an energy standpoint, the complex will be connected to the district heating network and some of the offices will be powered by photovoltaic panels.

Once the design and technical structural planning stage has been completed, demolition will follow in late November 2024, with the main structural work starting in March 2025 ahead of a scheduled delivery date in December 2026. The project will provide employment for close to 80 Eiffage Construction tradespeople, plus 17,655 hours of work under access-to-employment programmes and 500 hours of training.

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