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Eiffage completes the acquisition of Sun’R Group

Eiffage, through Eiffage Concessions, just acquired near 75% of the Sun’R Group, percentage of ownership that will be increased to more than 80% in 2023. Its founder Antoine Nogier and the management team will retain the remainder of the share capital. The transaction involved the repurchase of existing shares simultaneously with a capital increase fully subscribed by Eiffage.

Eiffage completes the acquisition of Sun’R Group

Created in 2007, the Sun’R Group is a mission-based company working to accelerate agricultural and energy transitions, and so address the consequences of global warming. The company is based on three activities: the development and production of photovoltaic electricity, dynamic agrivoltaics, and the supply of local green electricity.

This new acquisition will contribute to the acceleration of Eiffage’s expansion in renewable energies, capitalising on the expertise of the Sun’R Group’s management and the innovation culture that drives its teams.

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