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APRR electronic toll: 10% offered on holiday vouchers this summer

In an economic context marked by a sharp increase in fuel prices, the APRR & AREA motorways are offering a specific price offer to support holiday departures. This offer applies to customers who benefit from holiday vouchers and already have a Liber-t Vacances electronic toll subscription or who wish to subscribe to one. For any payment in holiday vouchers made until September 30, 2022, customers benefit from 10% of the amount paid in additional credit to be used on the entire French motorway network!

APRR electronic toll: 10% offered on holiday vouchers this summer

This offer will please holiday voucher holders! This summer, APRR and its Rhône-Alpes subsidiary AREA are offering their customers subscribed to the Liber-t Vacances formula a promotion that will increase the pleasure of travelling! Indeed, a matching contribution of 10% on the amount of holiday vouchers will be credited to Mango Mobilités electronic toll badges. Thus, for example, for an amount of €100 deposited, the Liber-t Vacances subscriber will ultimately have a credit of €110.

This offer is currently available until September 30 (2022), online or in the customer areas of the APRR & AREA networks. All practical information is available from customer advisors as well as on our online sites mango-mobilitesbyaprr.com, voyage.aprr.fr or by calling 0806 004 004.

This is not the first time that APRR has acted in favor of purchasing power. The distributor brand Fulli, exclusively on the APRR network, already offers on the A5 (Jonchets area in both directions), the A6 (Dracé area, Saint-Ambreuil area), the A31 (Gevrey-west area) and the A36 (Ecot area) a narrow range of fuels at prices comparable to those practiced outside the motorway network. To date, the observed price of a liter of diesel is up to 10 cents cheaper than the average price charged on the motorway. Similarly, on the electronic toll side, reduced-price subscriptions are available for regular customers of the APRR & AREA networks. The CITO 30 offer offers a 30% reduction from 10 round trips on the same journey, regardless of the distance travelled. Information on mango-mobilitesbyaprr.com!

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