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APRR commits to automated driving

As part of the European InDid (digital facilities for tomorow) programme, experts from APRR and automotive supplier Valeo met for a full-scale demonstration of autonomous driving through a tollgate on the A6 motorway.

APRR commits to automated driving

On 14 November last, at the Fleury-en-Bière toll plaza (A6) near Paris, engineers from APRR and Valeo tested the use of an automated driving vehicle to cross a toll infrastructure in real-life conditions.
The specialized press was invited to witness the event.
Crossing obstacles: a challenge for autonomous vehicles
This problem of crossing tolls, as well as the crossing of road markings in a construction site, are the focus of the attention of the teams in charge of developing automated mobility.
As Benoît Vuadelle, connected and automated mobility expert at APRR, points out: "There are situations in which the vehicle lacks the information it needs to negotiate certain obstacles. The dialogue between the motorway infrastructure and the vehicle will provide it with the additional information it needs.
Supporting new forms of connected mobility
Following this successful test, APRR and Valeo held a round table to discuss the joint prospects for vehicle automation.
The backdrop to the discussions was InDid's objective of ensuring the best possible infrastructure-vehicle dialogue, using the European platform developed by C-Roads for autonomous cars to enhance their perception of their environment.
François Castan, Director of Engineering and Information Systems, APRR-AREA, concluded the enlightening and rewarding day by saying: "APRR's objective remains to support these new forms of connected mobility with a high level of automation, and to make our infrastructure compatible with automated vehicles".
In this case, another hurdle has just been brilliantly cleared on the A6 motorway.
Other challenges remain for tomorrow...


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