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A 1930s bank converted into a four-star hotel by our Construction & Services teams

Built in 1928, the Oceania building, formerly known as the Scalbert-Dupont bank, a historic financial institution in Northern France, is currently undergoing an impressive transformation. Situated in a prime location just 240 meters from Lille Flandres train station, this edifice will be transformed into a 4-star hotel by the expert hands of our Construction & Services teams, offering 88 luxurious rooms.

A 1930s bank converted into a four-star hotel by our Construction & Services teams

The works, carried out by the Construction & Services teams of Eiffage Construction, are divided into several lots, including structural work, waterproofing, and roadways and various networks. With a total area of ​​3,913 m² spread from the basement to the 6th floor, this complex transformation requires precise coordination and technical expertise.

Located in the heart of the city, particular attention is paid to urban integration and the preservation of architectural heritage. Subject to the requirements of the Architect of Historic Monuments (ABF), each stage of the renovation is meticulously planned to respect the history and aesthetics of the neighborhood.

One of the most impressive features of this renovation is the transformation of the former vault into a luxury wellness area, including a swimming pool, spa, sauna, and fitness room. These conversion works also require advanced technical skills to ensure the structural stability of the entire building, including the use of micropiles and the installation of temporary frameworks to support the controlled demolition of existing elements. The establishment will also offer 2 seminar rooms, coworking spaces, as well as a bar and dining area.

Furthermore, an extension at the R+4 level and a raising of the inner courtyard from R+1 to R+3 in timber frame construction (MOB) are planned, allowing it to integrate harmoniously with the existing architecture.

Our teams also face challenges related to the central location of the project in an urban environment, maintaining vehicle and pedestrian traffic while minimizing disruptions to residents and surrounding businesses.

The delivery of this new upscale hotel, whose construction began on September 18, 2023, is scheduled for the first quarter of 2025. Congratulations to our 10 dedicated companions, and thanks to our partners:

Client: Oceania Hotel
Assistant client: Hpm
Project manager: Moduo
Architect: A26
General contractor: Eiffage Construction

Eiffage Construction
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