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Nové Project – Housing stock

In 2022, Eiffage and Arcade-VYV combined their skills and know-how in the 50/50 joint venture Nové to secure this 35-year concession contract for outsourced management of state-owned housing stock across France. This 35-year contract is part of the 'Housing Ambition' program aimed at developing accommodations for ministry personnel, with a strong focus on ambitious environmental initiatives.

The project:

The project includes:

  • Optimization of the energy performance of the housing stock through the renovation of nearly 8,000 units
  • Construction of approximately 3,000 new units across 55 sites with a low-carbon approach
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the entire housing stock
  • Modernization and enhancement of service quality for residents

The regional subsidiaries of Arcade-VYV and Eiffage Construction are developing their expertise within the companies Nové Gestion and Nové Construction. They respectively provide property management services and asset management on one hand, and design and construction services for initial works on the other hand.

  • 35 years
    Project duration
  • 8,000
    housing units renovated
  • 3,000
    housing units built

Establishment of a dedicated carbon and climate arbitration fund for the project

To ensure the high level of environmental ambition expected by the Ministry of Defense throughout the concession, the creation of a dedicated carbon and climate arbitration fund for the project is planned. It will contribute to financing innovative solutions for environmental performance enhancement, benefiting the lives of military personnel and their families.

Laying of the first stone at the Fesch barracks in Versailles

In October 2023, the first stone was laid for the Fesch Barracks in Versailles. This renovation project is part of a sustainable and responsible strategy.
Work on the Fesch barracks, which involves the renovation of six main buildings to create 102 homes, will meet commitments relating to:

  • Improved living conditions for military and civilian defence personnel and their families.
  • Preserving and enhancing heritage assets. 
  • Demanding environmental requirements. 
  • Social inclusion and sustainable economic development.