Three Eiffage Route products labelled "bio-sourced"

Three Eiffage Route products labelled

The Recytal® emulsion, the Recytal®-ARM process and the Biocold-Recytal® asphalt mix have all been awarded the "Biosourced Product" label by Karibati, a young innovative company, expert in biosourced materials and recognised as a socially responsible company.

Eiffage Route is the first French road construction company to obtain this label, which guarantees the quantity of bio-sourced materials contained in its products as well as their origin. It was obtained thanks to a process initiated in 2019 with the Group's Sustainable Development and Transverse Innovation Department. In addition to the use of biosourced raw materials, these techniques include 100% recycling of old degraded pavements.

This three-fold certification is part of Eiffage's proactive low-carbon strategy, which combines a reduction in the Group's emissions and support for its customers in their low-carbon initiatives through the development of alternative solutions.

Photos credit : EIffage Route