Terceo wins two lots of the new Atos campus building contract in Échirolles (38)

Terceo wins two lots of the new Atos campus building contract in Échirolles (38)

Promoter Magellim has undertaken to build a property complex to house the Atos Group’s training and research campus. Our teams are in charge of the technical lots comprising HV and LV power supply, Building Automation System (BAS), HVAC and the Building Information Modeling (BIM) synthesis.  

The future ATOS campus is composed of 4 tertiary buildings totalling 19,000 m2  and a 500-space five-storey above-ground car park. The tertiary buildings will comprise platforms for computer server racks, others for research (where AI and robotics tests etc. will be carried out) and more traditional office space. One of the buildings is to house a huge, inter-company restaurant on the ground floor.  

“The four tertiary buildings and the car park will be supplied with HV and LV power. Our employees will install force distribution, a power supply for the server racks, electric fountains, and smart lighting controlled via a KNX system in the office areas (presence detection, maintenance of lighting levels according to outside conditions, automatic switch-off). They are also to install the fire alarm system, campus access control, CCTV and the BAS enabling the customer to visualize his energy consumption in order to control it more effectively” explained business manager Sophie Tordeux, in charge of the HV/LV/BAS lot. Our electricians will be deployed on the site in six independent teams: one for each building and the sixth to install the campus’s five HV substations.  

“We will commission a direct expansion air-conditioning system comprising 650 ducted units. The works supervisor Luc Martin and his team are to install a total of 44 outdoor cooling units, 11 air-handling units and 59 climate control cooling units. They will pay particular attention to the inter-company restaurant covering 1,400 m2 (dining-room and kitchens included). This area needs a complex ventilation system equipped with numerous extractor hoods and a major air-handling unit structure” continued business manager Jordan Simonutti, in charge of the HVAC lot. What is more, the research team led by Quentin Mureau must compile all the campus’s technical networks (electricity, plumbing, boreholes, etc.) on the 3D plans in order to carry out the BIM synthesis for the whole site.  

The Atos Group is an international leader in digital transformation and also an AI and smart power grid specialist via its Worldgrid activities. As tenant of a ten-year lease, Atos intends to group together its workforce of 1,320 on the Échirolles campus. Building work on the campus began in Spring 2020 and is scheduled for completion at the end of 2021.  

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