Terceo takes part in comprehensive upgrading work on Transfo, RTE’s campus in Jonage (69)

Terceo takes part in comprehensive upgrading work on Transfo, RTE’s campus in Jonage (69)

The French power transmission network RTE is upgrading its Training, Innovation and Expertise Campus located east of Lyon. Our electricians and HVAC and energy engineering specialists are taking part in building the new centre on behalf of our expertise brand Terceo, for the tertiary sector. They are sub-contracted by Eiffage Construction, who are coordinating the construction of this complex comprising ten buildings with a wood and metal structure.

RTE, who handle high-voltage power transmission via mainland France’s public network, have decided to group together their training and innovation activities in a single centre on the edge of Lyon. RTE’s chosen programme is to occupy the existing Jonage site, and requires the extension of new buildings, orchestrated by Eiffage Construction.

Our team of electricians is preparing to start work on this huge project, in order to install HV and LV power. They are to commission three MV transformer substations and two low-voltage master distribution boards. All the campus light points will be equipped with LEDS, to meet stringent environmental demands. Our employees have been involved in the project since February 2019 (design & engineering phase) and will finish their assignment in June 2020, after only a year’s work. 
Our AC and energy engineering specialists have HVAC and smoke extraction work to undertake throughout the site.  It is also their job to commission two 600-kW gas boilers and three 775-kW water chillers. All in all, 269 hybrid ceilings will be installed in the offices, and the training rooms will be equipped with radiant ceiling panels (for heating) and 552 air-conditioning cassettes. The technical areas are to be provided with 17 more powerful climate control cooling units, and 68 radiators will equip the sanitary facilities, cloakrooms and corridors with heat loss.  

Air handling will be carried out by 14 dual-flow units (99,000 m3/h overall flow rate). The car parks will be provided with a carbon monoxide and nitrogen detection system, and our teams are to install a smoke extraction system in the passages.
To finish off the works, our plumbers will install 254 sanitary appliances: the toilets, urinals, tanks and draw-off points will be supplied by a rainwater harvesting system. They will also take charge of the drinking water supply. Domestic hot water is to be supplied immediately at source, except in the cloakrooms which will be equipped with electric storage water heaters (with a 2,000 and 3,000 litre capacity). 

The HVAC and plumbing works kicked off in July 2019 and are scheduled for completion in August 2020.

Photo credits : ©  AIA Cabinet d'architectes