Road upgrading in Fleurieu-sur-Saône 

Road upgrading in Fleurieu-sur-Saône 

Last July, Eiffage Route teams carried out the requalification and complete redevelopment of the rue du Buisson in Fleurieu-sur-Saône.

Over 1 km, the work included:

  • the creation of a ditch and a 1000 diameter bushing to connect two rainwater retention basins following the numerous floods that occurred in the street
  • the creation of a 500 m mixed pedestrian-bike route made of asphalt and gravel resin
  • the takeover of the entire road structure,
  • the paving of 2.5 km of bush-hammered concrete curbs such as the Pyrenees
  • the resumption of sanitation by creating about thirty grids and applying a carpet including 20% recycled asphalt aggregates to the entire street.

This new section now ensures safe traffic.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Route