RMT takes part in developing a hydropower plant on the Ivory Coast

RMT takes part in developing a hydropower plant on the Ivory Coast

The hydropower plant which is to be built near the villages of Singrobo and Ahouaty will function thanks to the adjacent dam, currently being constructed by Eiffage Génie Civil’s teams on the Bandama river between Abidjan and Yamoussoukro. This huge project will also mobilize our experts, in charge of building the exhaust gas network (90 KV). Their remit includes design, high and low voltage electrical studies, assembly and eventually, the commissioning of the facilities.  

Teams of electricians from Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ subsidiary RMT are to carry out HVB/HVA and LV work. They will install the digital monitoring & control protection system and the HVB substation’s telecontrol system enabling remote monitoring and management of the facilities. After carrying through the studies linked to the HVB line equipped with a fibre-optic ground wire, they are to set up all the 90 KV and 30 KV electrical equipment.  

Our teams will install the evacuation unit transformers (11/90 KV - 26,5 MVA), the distribution transformers (HVB/HVA: 90/33 KV - 24 MVA) and the HVB line (90 KV). The digital monitoring & control system, ancillary services, DC power shop (125 VCC et 48 VCC), capacitor banks (33 KV – 7.2 MVAr), and an HVA switchboard (33 KV) are also included in their roadmap.  

In addition, they are to commission the telecom equipment connected to the optical fibre and the line traps, plus the two 90-KV aerial HVB links which will enable the hydropower plant to be linked to the national grid.  

The works began this year and are scheduled until 2022. From 2023 onwards, the immense dam, 23.5 m high and 1,374 m long will produce 44 MW. Eventually, the Singrobo-Ahouaty power plant will supply 217 GWh of electrical power for the local population and industrialists, while limiting CO2  emissions by 124,000 tonnes per year.  

Photo credits : © Eiffage