RMT reinforces the drinking water supply system in Parakou, Benin

RMT reinforces the drinking water supply system in Parakou, Benin

Our partners, African continent specialists RMT, have been entrusted by Benin national water company SONEB with reinforcing drinking water access in one of the main towns in the north of the country. They have just completed restructuring work on Benin’s largest water treatment plant in Parakou, enabling an increase in the volume of daily drinking water produced, from 7,000 m3 to 35,000 m3.

Reinforcement of the drinking water supply system in Parakou and its surroundings began in 2018 to cope with a fast-growing population and the region’s rapidly expanding urbanization. The existing plant was exhausted and had trouble providing a reliable service able to meet the changing needs of the inhabitants. The SONEB thus launched a request for tenders in order to upgrade the drinking water plant and enable it to supply 500,000 subscribers by 2028. RMT obtained lot n° 1 in consortium with Sogea and Satom, and was appointed “to supply material, carry out civil engineering works and install hydraulic, electrical and electromechanical equipment” on the future water treatment site. 
Our partners thus rehabilitated the raw water retention dam, enabling them to build and equip a water uptake tower on the retention dam. They also installed the drinking water treatment plant, created a new recovery station and set up a remote management system to control all the facilities. The civil engineering part of the contract also involved restoring the existing water tower and constructing a new building. 

Our teams then equipped these infrastructures with three low-voltage master distribution panels, six control cabinets (pumps and quantity metering) two generating units to ensure service continuity, four transformers and five stations complete with Real-time control and data acquisition systems for remote monitoring of the electrical facilities. They also took charge of the wiring, lighting, valves, fittings and piping. In other words, they installed all the equipment needed to run the seven pumps and two chlorine dosing stations involved in producing drinking water.

his plant has been operational since the autumn and confirms RMT’s range of ground-breaking solutions for pumping stations, and its development in Benin.

Photo credits : © RMT