Results for the first half of 2020

Results for the first half of 2020

Despite the pandemic, which has had a significant impact on all of the Group’s activities, Eiffage’s net results for the first half of the year came close to breaking even. They serve as yet another reminder of the relevance of the company’s business model and are, above all, the product of employees’ unwavering commitment during this time.

Thanks to an order book at record highs and a strong rebound in motorway traffic this summer, from the third quarter the Group will once more on the road to profit. Buoyed by its strong financial situation, Eiffage intends to continue investing for its sustainable growth in both works and concessions.

  • Major impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the half-year: sharp fall in revenues and results, in Contracting and Concessions 
  • Loss for the semester limited to €8m (net profit group share), confirming the pertinence of Eiffage’s construction – concessions business model 
  • Solid financial situation, Group liquidity increased to €4.6bn for Eiffage S.A. and €3.1bn for APRR
  • Order book up by 15% at over €17bn
  • Full-year 2020 activity and results expected to be down sharply with a significant recovery in the second half (effective resumption of works, summer motorway traffic close to that of 2019) 

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