Ironhand® bionic glove wins the "Workplace Wellness Trophy"

Ironhand® bionic glove wins the

Eiffage's Infrastructure Division has just been awarded the "Workplace Wellness Trophy" prize at the 2019 Wellness Awards for its latest prevention innovation: Ironhand®, the bionic glove.

Because it reduces the efforts produced by the employee's hand, prevents MSDs* in the hand and promotes the integration or return to work of people with disabilities, the Ironhand® exoskeleton has been chosen by the Wellness Trophies as equipment that has made a very significant contribution to improving health and comfort at work.

Overall, 9 awards were presented at this event, the proceeds of which will be donated in full to the Great Ape Conservation Project in Uganda.

Developed since 2017 in partnership with Eiffage and Bioservo Technologies, marketed since June 2019, notably for rental at Loxam, this is a new milestone that has been successfully achieved for this glove. This is something to make our project teams, our testers, today's users proud and interesting for tomorrow's users.

With the Ironhand® bionic glove, let's work differently!


*TMS: Musculoskeletal disorders

Photos Credit: Eiffage Branche Infrastructures