Grand Paris Express: the tunnel boring machine on line 15 named Camille

Grand Paris Express: the tunnel boring machine on line 15 named Camille

It is therefore under the first name of Camille that the tunnel boring machine of the T2B group Eiffage Génie Civil et Razel Bec left for 4.2 km from the Créteil l'Échat station in the direction of Champigny-sur-Marne.


The baptism took place on Wednesday, October 16 in two stages. First, during the day, the Société du Grand Paris, local elected officials including the Mayor of Créteil, Laurent Cathala, as well as teams from the Eiffage Génie Civil - Razel-Bec group. The opportunity to meet the sponsor of the tunnel boring machine and to attend the revelation of the name, chosen by the councils of the young people of Créteil who were also present. Camille, for Camille Serme, a professional squash player, multiple French and European champion and second in the world ranking, is therefore the sponsor of the tunnel boring machine.

In a second step, the teams of the group were able to meet, at the bottom of the well, to participate in the blessing of the Holy Beard and the tunnel boring machine with the kind participation of Father Dominique Henry, representative of the Diocese of Créteil. A strong and essential moment for companions and supervisors. 

At Bry-Villiers-Champigny station, the second tunnel boring machine is currently being assembled and will start digging at the very beginning of 2020.

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Photos Credit: Chantier T2B | Hervé Piraud