Eiffage Génie Civil delivers a buried storm basin in Valence

Eiffage Génie Civil delivers a buried storm basin in Valence

Eiffage Génie Civil's Hydraulics & Reservoirs teams (representative), in collaboration with those of Eiffage Construction, worked on the construction of a storm basin buried at the Camille-Vernet city school complex in Valence. 

Improving water collection and treatment, limiting direct discharges into the natural environment, avoiding network overflows... stormwater basins, also known as storage-restitution basins, play an essential role in collecting rainwater and wastewater during major rainy events, limiting discharges into the natural environment.
Contributing to the performance of the Valencia Romans Agglo sewerage network, this brand new basin, with a diameter of 30 m and approximately 15 m deep, will allow the collection of 7,000 m³ of rainwater.
The teams carried out the design, supply, installation and testing of the equipment:

  • rinsing, pumping, instrumentation and ventilation of the basin and technical rooms,
  • isolation of the basin - wall valves,
  • waste screening,
  • circulation and access to the basin,
  • all the work's electrical and control equipment.

This site, in a dense urban area, was made possible in particular by the use of advanced equipment such as a 450-ton mobile crane for the installation of prefabricated beams, a large 45T hydraulic excavator with crawlers for the earthworks of the basin, sheet pile driving techniques using a lattice boom crane fitted with a vibratory hammer and a diesel ram as well as drilling machines up to 22 m deep to create a diaphragm wall .
The project in figures:   

  • Earthworks: 12,000 m³
  • Civil engineering :

               - Circular concrete central shaft of 14 m
               - 565 m³ reinforced concrete foundation slab
               - Concrete pre-slabs of 170 m³
               - Prefabricated beams of 20 t

  • 184 t steel outside cast wall
  • Equipment

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Photos Credit : Eiffage Génie Civil