Eiffage Foundation: testimony from the sponsor of the Actishop association

Eiffage Foundation: testimony from the sponsor of the Actishop association

Vincent Ribard, director of quarries at Eiffage Route Nord-Est is a sponsor of the Actishop association with the Eiffage Foundation. He is deeply involved and shares his experience with the association.

  • Could you describe the Actishop association that you sponsor and its objective?

 Created in November 2002, the Actishop association has developed a social and solidarity grocery store. It organizes local events and provides food and human aid to people in difficulty. Its main value: "Living together means doing together".

A value that accompanied the founders at the creation of the association, which is shared today by the team, the volunteers and the members, and which is transmitted through the proposed actions. Actishop has 311 members - 70 families - and 7 employees. It works in a network, in particular with the association Espoir (Rinxent), Nord Nature.

The project supported by the Eiffage Foundation was the creation of a rock garden to display the stones extracted from local quarries and to create discovery, information and awareness-raising trails. This garden is used for the implementation of integration actions with RSA beneficiaries supported by the association.

  • Why did you get involved in this association?

The Actishop association plays a central role in the local life of Ferques (between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Calais). Its president, Annie Joly, allows everyone to create a link between the inhabitants. Through my professional experience, I can bring my help and advice.

  • What would you say to Eiffage employees to encourage them to get involved in the Foundation?

First of all, taking the time to join an association is really an investment that allows you to meet new people and to enrich yourself personally by leaving your comfort zone.

Getting involved with the Eiffage Foundation makes it possible to carry out projects and actions where it sometimes seems difficult to find solutions.
And you, what project are you involved in?
The mission of the Eiffage Foundation is to contribute to the professional integration of people in difficulty. It supports projects that promote access to employment or training in France and abroad, wherever the Group is present. What all these projects have in common is that they always propose an integration approach. More recently, it has decided to step up its support for more preventive initiatives aimed at young people, for example to prevent them from dropping out of school.

Photo credit: Eiffage Route