Eiffage Énergie Systèmes installs anti-fraud gates on Rennes Metro Line A

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes installs anti-fraud gates on Rennes Metro Line A

This autumn, our teams were at work on Rennes metro, where they were equipping Line A with anti-fraud gates. Rennes urban area had originally chosen a free access system, but have now decided to secure the metro in this way, in an attempt to limit ticket fraud (currently estimated at 11%). The future Line B will also be equipped with gates before inauguration in Spring 2021. 

Our staff have been installing 149 anti-fraud gates (and 149 glass walls), service doors and totems (or power supply receptacles) in Rennes metro since 20 July of this year, with the aim of limiting the ticket fraud recorded since the inauguration of Line A in 2002. The items installed were designed and built by Klein Access Design in Hirson (02) and function with a new smart card system, sounding the death knell for the old-fashioned paper metro tickets. The new scheme was commissioned in the 15 stations along Line A in November 2020. 

Our teams are also in charge of LV electrical works and power supply for the anti-fraud gate installation on Line B. The works undertaken on this line, which is not yet open to the public, are scheduled for completion in Spring 2021, for its inauguration.  

Rennes urban area hopes to recoup its investment on the two lines within 5 years, taking into account the current shortfall (estimated at 3.5 million euros). In the long term, the new scheme should enable savings of 15 million euros to be made over 15 years.  

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