Eiffage Énergie Systèmes connects three Hauts-de-France wind farms up to the RTE grid

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes connects three Hauts-de-France wind farms up to the RTE grid

Our brand for infrastructure and networks was recently chosen by wind farm development, construction and operating specialists ÉnergieTEAM to create a source substation, in order to link Voie d’Artois, Voie de Cambrai and Liéramont 1 wind farms up to the RTE grid.

These three wind farms total 19 wind turbines with total installed capacity of 63.9 MW. Th infrastructure is already linked to power outage stations which need connecting up to the RTE power grid via a HV/LV transformer substation installed in the little village of  Morchies. This source substation project has been entrusted to our experts. It involves firstly carrying out civil engineering work, and in particular, constructing a 220 m² technical building. Our teams have also to design retention bins for two 60 MVA33 kV /225 kV transformers, each weighing 82 tonnes, build an 18 m x 6 m firewall and a remote underground tank (sized to contain oil from the transformers in the event of fire) and construct the foundations of the 225 kV apparatus by creating three separate bays.

Our specialists will then have to supply, install and commission the 225 kV and 33 kV facilities, and the equipment involved in the different protection systems, monitoring & control, CCTV, fire detection, anti-intrusion and transformer substation supervision. Their road map also includes installing the low-voltage master distribution panel and battery chargers.  

Finally, during the transitional period between the two commissioning phases, our experts will take charge of operating the source substation until delivery in the spring of 2020.