Eiffage Energía builds a new photovoltaic power plant for Elawan Energy

Eiffage Energía builds a new photovoltaic power plant for Elawan Energy

In  Spain, our subsidiary Eiffage Energía is involved in building a set of five solar power plants for Elawan Energy. This large-scale project named Campanario kicked off last July, with a year of works ahead.  

In signing an Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract with electricity producer Elawan Energy, our Spanish subsidiary committed to carrying out engineering, supply and building work on a new five-plant solar photovoltaic power complex. The photovoltaic plants Campanario I, II, III, IV and V, installed adjacently on a 40-hectare site in Bonete (Albacete), will produce 50 MW each (totalling 250 MW of power in all). In addition to the building of two substations, the project includes the installation of a 3.4 km HV power line to evacuate the energy generated by the five plants.  

Elawan Energy had already inaugurated Torrijos solar power plant last June. This 55-hectare photovoltaic park with installed capacity of 35.6 MWp, located south of Madrid in Noves (Toledo), was built by our employees as part of an EPC contract. After connecting up the 104,000 photovoltaic panels, installing one substation and 5 transformer substations, and creating a 3 km HV power line, our teams are now to ensure park maintenance work for the next five years.   

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