Eiffage accesses A- in CDP’s Climate Change 2020 scoring

Eiffage accesses A- in CDP’s Climate Change 2020 scoring

Eiffage saw its rating increased from B to A- in CDP’s Climate Change 2020 scoring (formerly called Carbon Disclosure Project). Eiffage excelled in particular for its governance, identification of climate risks, and development of business opportunities targeting reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Eiffage has been evaluating its carbon footprint and publishing its greenhouse gas emissions figures since 2008. From 2016 on, the Group accelerated its carbon strategy, which is based on two main components:

  • reducing the Group’s internal carbon footprint from direct and indirect energy use;
  • avoiding greenhouse gas emissions from its technical and commercial customer offer.

The later aims to accelerate the implementation of low-carbon solutions including positive energy buildings, eco-friendly recycled roads, renewable energies, low-energy smart public lighting, and technical offers for reversibility (selective deconstruction, reuse and recycling, decontamination, and ecological restoration).

In April 2020, Eiffage became one of the first publicly listed European construction and concessions groups to publish a climate report in accordance with TCFD (Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) recommendations. To follow the 2 °C trajectory adopted by the Paris Agreement, the Group is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33% by 2030, based on projected annual growth of 2.4%, current technology, and further according to technological advances.

The Group’s climate report provides details of how the risks relating to climate change (physical and transition risks) are managed, greenhouse gas emissions monitoring and performance indicators, and business opportunities currently being developed to gradually decarbonise revenue.

CDP is an independent international organisation that gathers information from more than 7,000 companies and 620 local authorities worldwide about what actions they are taking to address climate change. This initiative, which began 20 years ago with the aim of measuring environmental impact, has established CDP as the leading global rating of company and local authority carbon footprints.

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